Big Rocks in the Forest
Little Bridge
High Trail
Sierra Nevada Pines 1
Sierra Nevada Pines 2
Mary Beth’s Maple
Sun-drenched Conifers
White Blossoms, Lake Harriet Garden
Loon Lake Morning
Blossoms, Hammock
Waylusing Sunset
Fall Maples at Lake Harriet
Fall Maple, Blue House
Blazing Maples
July River Greens
Path at Sunset
Wetland Tableau
Cottonwood on the Hill
Loon Lake
November Pond
Autumn Bright
Wisconsin Wetland, November
Autumn Moon Rising
Yellow Tree and Asters
Last Light on the Sidewalk
Canoe Country Greens
Red Point
Rebirth After the Fire
Grand Marais Woods
Yellow Autumn
Change of Seasons
Sun Bleached Autumn
Shoreline Shadows
Blooming Trees
Autumn Over the Big Lake
Fort in the Woods
Lake Calhoun Conifers
Fallen Tree
Spring Blossoms
Spring Colors
Cypress and Ruins, Fiesoli, Italy